Editorial Disclaimers

Remember back when the Fairness Doctrine ruled and for every editorial opinion on the evening news there was also an editorial response? And remember when both of those had a disclaimer saying something like “The views expressed in the preceding/following are not necessarily the views of this station.”

Now Samantha Power, formerly one of Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisors, tells the Scotsman that Hillary Clinton is a monster (off the record). As it was in the middle of the interview, the Scotsman decided to print it anyway.

Then she apologizes including this statement:

These comments do not reflect my feelings about Sen. Clinton, whose leadership and public service I have long admired.

And I wonder how what she said doesn’t reflect what she feels. It seems a little contradictory.

So taking the old Fairness Doctrine type disclaimer and the apparent contradiction in what Samantha Power said and what Samantha Power said, I came up with a new disclaimer:

The Samantha Power Editorial Disclaimer
The views expressed in this weblog are not necessarily those of the author.


She’s now resigned as well.

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