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Seven In The Bed

There were seven in the bed and the little one said “roll over, roll over” so they all rolled over and one fell out…


That’s what this picture reminds me of.

h/t: Cats 

Illinois Republican Ballot

I went to county clerk’s website and downloaded my specimen ballot for the February 5 ÜberTuesday primary election. The following were on the ballot for the nomination for President. Who would you vote for?


Even though this is an Illinois ballot, we will be accepting only one vote per person. Thank you.

1James Creighton Mitchell, Jr.


Linked by Marathon Pundit. Thanks.

Four Down – 46* To Go

*It’s 3 down, 45 to go for the Democrats (Michigan and Florida are being punished for moving their primaries up so no delegates for them {and half the GOP delegates})

And yet, after Iowa, two Democrat candidates quit (Biden and Dodd) and after New Hampshire another one quit (Richardson).

After four primaries/caucuses no Republican has quit. Not even Duncan Hunter (hang in there!)

Update: After I wrote this I remembered that Tom Tancredo withdrew. But he is still on my ballot in Illinois. 

And no one should be quitting this early.

Yeah, I know it seems late, but that’s because they started a year ago and the general election is still more than 10 months away.

Also, the media are very interested in getting the primaries over with – right now. They keep asking if this state or that state is “it” for any particular candidate. It’s not. Even had Romney lost in Michigan last night, no problem. It wouldn’t be the end for him. There have only been four contests!

I wish the media would just let the process happen as it happens. Used to be that nominees were actually chosen at the convention. The convention used to mean something. It was something other than a big party.

Seems this country would do well to have that again.

Ode To Paula

On last night’s Idol from Paul:


I just had to transcribe it:

Paul: This is a love song that I wrote for Paula Abdul.

Randy: Wow.

Paula: Oh my God. Serenade.

Simon: Have you ever had really…

Paul {sings}

There is this girl I know

I follow her around

She hasn’t noticed me

It really gets me down

I broke into her house

When she wasn’t there

Took off all my clothes

And tried on her underwear

I’m always thinking of her

I really think that I love her

I’m not much of a talker

So I guess that I’ll just stalk her

And I’ll stalk her

If she were a doggie I would walk her

If she were a blackboard I would chalk her

If I were Columbo I’d Peter Falk her

But I’m not so I’ll just stalk her

If she were a fat {cross talk from Randy}

If I were a guy from Good Times I’d be Jimmy Walker

If she were a bathtub, I would caulk her

Randy: Have you been drinking?

Simon: Paul, Paul. I think you should leave.

Paul: You do?

Simon: Yeah. That was really creepy.

Randy: That was creepy man.

Simon: There’s something really disturbing about you.

Randy: Stalking, chalking,

Simon: Now seriously. I really want you to leave.

Paul: There’s a piano right out that door.

Simon {to security guards} Guys, can we ask this guy to leave?

Paula: {as security is escorting Paul out} Paul, nice meeting you. Thank you so much.

Paul: It was very nice meeting all of you thank you very much. It was a pleasure.

Simon {rolling eyes} Yeah, likewise.

Randy: That guy’s crazy.

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