Counting the Chickens

Boy oh boy are there a lot of articles in the mainstream press talking about the demise of the Republicans in the mid-terms. Many are talking as if its already happened.

The boys at Powerline have been delving into the subject of polling errors, and they ask the question: could all the polls be wrong? Check them out.

It does seem far fetched that all the polls could be off. Then again, three years ago, I pretty much believed everything I saw and read in the mainstream press. If you asked me then whether all the media could be wrong about a particular story, I would have laughed at the question. Today, depending on how politically charged the issue is, I would answer that question with a resounding ‘yes’.

The Republicans could very well lose, and lose big. But I’ve seen enough non-existent chickens over the past three years to know that this ain’t over yet.

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