I was looking at the partially drained pool this afternoon to see what I needed to do to get it completely drained and surprise, surprise, there was a dead black squirrel floating in what water was left… eeeeewwwwww…..

Hubby had to don the disposable gloves and retrieve the carcass and bag it for garbage pick-up tomorrow. What timing.

We had a series of really bad storms last night. The squirrel may have gotten in the pool to shelter (it’s a soft sided pool with an inflated ring at the top), gotten trapped, and drowned. He (or she) may have fallen from the tree above the pool. I don’t think the squirrel had been hit by lightning as it didn’t seem burnt, but you never know.

Hubby said it was stiff. Rigor had set in. I do believe that is consistent with a death within 24 hours. I hope it hadn’t been there longer than that.


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