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They Are Soooo Teeny Updated

These twins are [tag]albino Pygmy Marmosets[/tag], born earlier this week at the Froso Zoo in Ostersund, Sweden. They can grow to about 14 inches tall and nearly 1/4 pound. (35cm, 100 grams).

Pair of Cheeky Little Monkeys

The picture depicts them slightly larger than life sized. Click on the picture for the story.

h/t: My fellow Illinoisan Trader Rob (and the lovely Mrs. Trader Rob) at Opinipundit!

Update: the story has changed since I linked it. One of the babies has died and the zoo is working hard to save the surviving brother. Poor baby boy, poor mommy monkey.

But now one is fighting for its life after his twin brother died just hours after they became the first albinos of their breed to be born in captivity.
“We were so sorry when the twin died,” said zoo owner Ake Netterstrom. “We put in all available resources to save him but that did not help. It was very sad but it is likely he had a lower immune defence because he was albino.

“We don’t have time to mourn him as we have to focus on saving the other one.”

Sirius-ly Folks, Pluto No Longer A Planet

A conference of astromomers ([tag]The International Astronomical Union[/tag]) in Prague who had floated the idea of adding [tag]Ceres[/tag], [tag]Charon[/tag] and [tag]Xena[/tag] (aka [tag]2003 UB313[/tag]) to the list of planets in this solar system have, instead, demoted [tag]Pluto[/tag].

Textbooks will have to be rewritten.