First Day of Kindergarten

Little Guy goes off on the bus by himself in about 45 minutes. We have to walk about 3-1/2 blocks to the bus stop.

We had “practice” last Friday. We went to school, got his bus pass, found his classroom and learned his teacher’s name. He was able to practice getting on and off the bus and even got a ride around the parking lot so he could hear what the bus sounds like and feel what the bus feels like when it’s moving and when it stops.

He knows the rules, no running on the bus, stay seated, put your belt on, hold the hand rails. I think he’ll do just fine.

Little Guy has about an hour today for the first day. Tomorrow is the first “full” day (Kindergarten is a half day around here, he’s in the afternoon session) for 2-1/2 hours.

He’s just so excited about starting school and so am I.

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