Team X is Winning?

Imagine a football game where team X is up 28-3 against team Y in the fourth quarter. While team Y makes an occasional good tackle or decent block now and again, team X is pretty much dominating all aspects of the game.

Now imagine if this is an away game so you can only watch it on TV, and the station that’s airing the game does not show it in its entirety. You are never told what the score is, and only those occasional good tackles or decent blocks of team Y are aired. Team X’s scoring drives or other good plays are never shown.

I guess you would think team X was losing.

Update: It may be hard to avoid coverage of team Y’s starting quarterback getting taken out of the game (ok I have to interrupt the metaphor to let you know that I’m talking about reports that Al-Zarqawi may have been killed in the assault referred to above.)

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