Watch for Exploding Heads

Last week I predicted that the GOP has enough votes to end the filibuster. (BTW can we just call it “ending the filibuster” rather than the “Nuclear Option”- how we ever bought into such a politically loaded and misleading term I’ll never know.) Actually, it wasn’t as much a prediction as it was interpreting cues from Senator Schumer (D).

Robert Novak writes today that the GOP has 52 votes in the bag. It may be getting close to go-time. Aside from all of the political ramifications that will result, I’m going to enjoy watching the collective head explosion of the moonbat left as they watch the GOP exercise the full power of their democratically elected majority position. (Hey for a minute there I kinda sounded like the Emperor describing to Luke the power of the “fully operational battle station” in Return of the Jedi. When in Rome…….cue the imperial theme music.)

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