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Congress May Extend Daylight-Saving Time

Update: My husband thinks they should just “split the difference” and change the time a half hour year round.

Congress is considering extending Daylight-Saving Time an additional two months to save more energy. The theory is, the more daylight, later in the day, the less energy used. They would start daylight-saving time on the first Sunday in March (instead of April, as it is now) and extend daylight-saving time to the last Sunday in November (instead of the current last Sunday in October). But not all parts of the United States switch to daylight-saving time. Arizona, Hawaii, parts of Indiana, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands don’t change.

If they do so, on Halloween it will be lighter, longer. I’ve always thought it should be extended until at least the first Sunday in November to enable that. Even if Halloween is on a Sunday, it’s always darker an hour earlier. With the extension date being set to the last Sunday in November, there’s a little more light for Thanksgiving Dinner, and a little more time to get those Christmas lights hung…

Kofi Annan has Homer Simpson Moment

The AP has the story. Apparently Kofi Annan has just realized that the UN Human Rights Commission needs to be replaced with a new, permanent body to prevent suffering around the world. D’oh!

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“We have reached a point at which the commission’s declining credibility has cast a shadow on the reputation of the United Nations system as a whole and where piecemeal reforms will not be enough,” Annan told delegates.

Real But Inaccurate

We’ve all heard of “fake but accurate.” Wecome to “real but inaccurate”. It turns out a GOP legal counsel to Mel Martinez wrote the Talking Points Memo. He rightly resigned after ‘fessing up. What a fool.

What is interesting is how much this still jives with the original story, particularily after what we learned from the Washington Times report the day before. One thing is clear – this was not some mainstream Republican effort. Even Martinez didn’t know about it. This was some rogue idiot writing a sloppy memo. The original story, which implies some mass Republican effort on the part of Senators to capitalize on the Schiavo matter, appears to be just as innaccurate as if the memo was fake. And now we have confirmation of this. The memo was real, but the story inaccurate.
Hat tip: Lorie at PoliPundit