Michael Schiavo: My Wife Can't Shake Hands

Michael Schiavo continues to show his callous disregard for life, at least the life of his “wife.” In a recent interview he said the following:

“Come down, President Bush,” Schiavo said in a telephone interview. “Come talk to me. Meet my wife. Talk to my wife and see if you get an answer. Ask her to lift her arm to shake your hand. She won’t do it.”

She won’t, Schiavo said, because she can’t.

Can she experience the love of a parent? Can she feel the warmth of the spring sun on her face? Can she listen to Mozart? Can she see and appreciate the world around her? She doesn’t need to “lift her arm” to live life. How convenient it is that he points to her physical inability to prove his case for her death, while at the same time denying verification of her cognitive abilities.

For Terri, life is how Michael defines it.

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