Daily Archives: March 14, 2005

Media: We Favored Kerry

Reuters reports that a study from the Project for Excellence in Journalism, which is affiliated with Columbia’s School of Journalism, shows that there were three times as many negative stories about Bush than about Kerry. Hat tip: Powerline

This also just in: The Center for the Attainment of Moderate Temperatures in Hell just concluded a study which shows that most people would prefer to avoid eternal damnation after death.

Is Europe Still Planning on Arming China?

China is increasing the saber rattling and tensions in the region are rising. The U.K.’s Independent reports the following:

China’s new “anti-secession” law authorising the use of force against Taiwan has sent ripples of alarm throughout the region and beyond, drawing a stern reaction from the US, and casting new uncertainty on European plans to resume arms sales to Beijing.

That there is still “uncertainty” at this point speaks volumes about the value of U.S. “alliances” with Europe. As we’ve learned from the Cold War, arms don’t necessarily have to be used to have a real effect on an adversary. Of course there’s also the possibility that arms sold to China may actually end up being used against the U.S. Without going into the technicalities of specific treaties, selling arms to your enemy doesn’t sound like something an ally would do. Actually, it sounds more like something an enemy would do.