The Anti-Immigration Wing of the Republican Party – updated

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) said on O’Reilly tonight (I had to watch the repeat to make sure I had heard correctly the first time) that the people having trouble with drivers licenses are the “Anti-Immigration Wing of the Republican Party.”

Did you get the memo? I sure didn’t.

I am not against immigration – I have friends who are immigrants. People who followed the rules, learned the language, took the test and took the oath.

Illegal Aliens don’t belong here. Period. Go back to your home country and if you want to come back here, do it right. Any amnesty would be allowing them to “cut in line”. If you want to become an American – you are quite welcome here. Just do it legally.

Terrorists come here illegally to use our own system against us.

When 19 terrorists can have 63 drivers licenses between them, there is a problem. When I moved from Vermont to back to Illinois and got my Illinois drivers license I had to surrender my Vermont drivers license. Of course, the terrorists didn’t tell the DMV that they had valid licenses from other states and/or lied and said they physically lost it or something. If there were a national database of drivers licenses, DMV’s would be able to check for unexpired licenses from other states, and, if they issue a new one, have the previous unexpired license(s) declared void.

Update: Prestopundit has more on the Driver’s License issue from an article in the LA Times.

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