Daily Archives: October 26, 2004

We need a clear victory

The one thing we need on November 2nd is a clear victory. We need a victory that is more than the polls’ margin of error. A victory that is clearly more than the Dem’s “spoiler” vote. You do notice don’t you that according to the Dem’s a vote for Nader is a vote lost for them, not for the Republicans.

I should believe him?

Why does John Kerry think that I should believe him?

I can list the reasons I shouldn’t: The “magic hat”, Christmas in Cambodia, the signing of the 1st Gulf War agreement, meeting with the UN Security committee, the 16 point buck, the Boston Marathon, I could go on and on….

So why should I believe that he has a better plan? That he could do a better job in the White House?

Update: Forgot that Red Sox game.