Our Day At C2E2

Oh so much fun. The Little Guy and I dressed up for it. The Little Guy was Foxy the Pirate Fox from Five Nights at Freddy’s – a video game. He was recognized all over the con. Lots of kids wanted to take their pictures with him.2015-04-26_11.05.39 2015-04-26_11.05.49

A WWII Dalek2015-04-26_11.50.54 2015-04-26_11.51.13 2015-04-26_11.51.15

The Little Guy in a Halo Helmet made by the fellow on the left. Dad is right behind The Little Guy.2015-04-26_13.11.35

A Gender Swapped Gimli the Dwarf2015-04-26_13.14.35
A totally silly Spock. This guy was really tall.

A couple shots from the balcony above the entrance
2015-04-26_14.18.50 2015-04-26_14.30.29

My Big Guy2015-04-26_14.32.13 2015-04-26_14.32.27

More Five Nights at Freddy’s characters. The others loved finding a Foxy.2015-04-26_16.01.30 2015-04-26_16.01.32 2015-04-26_16.02.00


The Little Guy and Me

The Big Guy20150426-IMG_1393 20150426-IMG_1394

“Spider” Man20150426-IMG_1395

The Little Guy and another Spider Man20150426-IMG_1396

The Little Guy and Wolverine20150426-IMG_1397

The Little Guy and another Five Nights at Freddy’s character at an artist’s booth. The Little Guy got two posters here. Signed by the author!


20150426-IMG_1399The Joker and Me

20150426-IMG_1400The Joker and The Little Guy


Anthony Kosar (Face off Champion) and Me

20150426-IMG_1402Protesting Storm Troopers


A bunch of Five Nights at Freddy’s characters with The Little Guy



The Little Guy and Me and Neville Page from Face Off.


This was totally cool. We were looking for a friend and my husband noticed a man putting his hand on The Little Guy’s shoulder. He wanted The Little Guy’s attention to ask him about his costume. He like it! I’m still squeeing!

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