Did You Know? Eggs

Did you ever have a recipe that called for more egg whites than egg yolks, or more egg yolks than egg whites? Did you know that you can freeze the leftovers rather than waste them?eggyolk in shell

You can freeze them in zipper bags. Snack size bags work great. If freezing more than one, be sure to mark the bag with the number of yolks or whites. Just thaw and use as you would normally.

Someone I know recently went shopping, and the eggs were left in the car (kids didn’t look for all the groceries :)). She found the eggs the next day, frozen solid with cracked shells.

They’re still good. Bring them in, peel immediately to avoid pieces of shell, and put into snack sized zipper bags, one for each egg. Let them thaw and use normally.

You can also store them scrambled, with additions if you wish. Chop up some ham, onion, and sweet peppers. Mix with two or three scrambled eggs, and freeze. You have a ready prepared Denver Omelet. Defrost and cook without having to get out the cutting board.

You can chop up a whole onion and a whole pepper and divide among several omelet pre-packs. You can even add shredded cheese to the mix.

Have fun with your eggs!

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