Mister Max: Book of Lost Things

By Cynthia Voigt; illustrated by Iacopo Bruno

The first in a series.

A great little read. We are interested in Max and how he can overcome his difficulties. The time period is when automobiles were becoming more popular, but many deliveries were still by horse-drawn wagons. Many people moved about the city on bicycles or their own two feet. The place could be anywhere, money is mentioned as just numbers, no particular currency.

Twelve-year-old Max’s actor parents are invited to set sail for India and Max is supposed to meet them just before sailing. When he gets to the docks, the ship is gone. Max’s Grammie lives in the house behind Max’s so he’s not completely alone, but he does need to find ways to take care of himself.

Max is a clever boy and finds ways to earn money by finding things and solving problems for people, some problems people didn’t even know that they had.

All the while, Max and Grammie (the town Librarian) are trying to solve the mystery of where Max’s parents have gone, and why.


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