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Harvard to restore ROTC when DADT dies

What they don’t seem to understand, and I see this all over the place, is that repealing Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell will result in the military being required to ask. Then, if the military gets an answer that says that military member or potential recruit is gay, then the military member is discharged or the potential member is told “thanks, but no thanks.” DADT is not a ban, it’s a work-around of military regulations. Repealing DADT will not result in rainbows and unicorn farts. As it is, Harvard is saying that they will restore ROTC when the rules are made stricter. And this is supposedly one of sthe best institutes of higher ed in the US.

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Harvard Will Restore ROTC When ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Dies

Drew Faust, president of Harvard University, said in an interview with The Boston Globe Wednesday that the university will welcome a Reserve Officer Training Corps unit to campus as soon as the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy ends. Currently, Harvard students who wish to join ROTC do so through a unit at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but Faust said Harvard would welcome the chance to “regularize our relationship” with ROTC when “don’t ask, don’t tell” ends. In the Globe interview, Faust also said that Harvard was instituting new systems to detect fraud in admissions applications. These changes follow a much publicized case in which the university discovered that a student had faked much of the material in his application. Faust declined to detail the new systems, saying that to do so would undercut their effectiveness.



Before and After

Grape and Cherry Tomatoes, halved, drizzled with oil and Kosher salt on the way to the oven at 175°F

[flickr]5000937439[/flickr] and after 8 hours… [flickr]5001537816[/flickr]

The tomatoes are now in a little jar in the fridge covered in canola oil, ready for whatever dish I want to add them to. Concentrated tomatoey goodness.

Never Forget

The complete list of 2996.

Paul Pansini:

From a profile published in the New York Times on 8/11/2002

Paul Pansini

World Trade Center

His Presence Is Everywhere

Paul Pansini
Paul Pansini

Paul Pansini loved the excitement of being a firefighter in downtown Manhattan, but his days off meant a great deal, too. Firefighter Pansini, 36, took his son, Paul Jack, now 7, and his twin daughters, Anna and Claire, now 3, everywhere when he was not working. “He was brave enough to even take them to the store,” his wife, Janice, recalled.

Since Sept. 11, the family has, in turn, felt his presence everywhere. “I feel him definitely in my house,” Mrs. Pansini said. The family lives in his childhood home in Tottenville in Staten Island. When they moved there in November 1994, the couple almost tore the century-old house down.

Now she is glad they did not. In Tottenville, they are surrounded by family members who keep his presence strong, including his sister, Loretta Halpert.

Lake George was Firefighter Pansini’s favorite spot in the world. This summer, as Mrs. Pansini packed for their annual vacation to the lake, Claire asked if they were going to meet Daddy there. “I’m blown away by how much they remember him,” Mrs. Pansini said. “I don’t think he knew how much he meant to so many people. He was a very comical person. The love of my life. People keep coming up to me and saying, `I miss him so much.’ ”


10-housememorial_23aOur thoughts and prayers go out every day to Paul’s friends, family, and coworkers at Ten House. Six men were lost that day from that Firehouse.

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Miss You Daddy

Daddy passed away 8 years ago today. Here are some pictures from a happy day in our lives, Daddy, me, and the ’48 Packard Limo we hired!