Monday Morning Musings

Up way too early because of a thunderstorm, I’m seeing a commercial for a “neckline slimmer” (sound at the link), the first resistance exercise for your chin and neckline! That’s a new one. Better than the penis pump or the pill that promises it will “increase the size of a certain part of the male body.” Yeah, right.

I agree with Virginia Postrel on universal healthcare.

Think about this for a moment. Medicare is a huge, single-payer, government-run program. It ought to provide the perfect environment for experimentation. If more-efficient government management can slash health-care costs by addressing all these problems, why not start with Medicare? Let’s see what “better management” looks like applied to Medicare before we roll it out to the rest of the country.

Go read the whole thing.

Today’s the first day of day camp. The Little Guy is going three days a week again. This year he’s old enough for archery too.

We went fishing with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts on Saturday. The Little Guy said, “Mom, since I don’t like bugs, will you put the worms on the hook for me?” So of course I did. But I let a Boy Scout do it whenever I could. I’m glad I had that bottle of hand sanitizer with me too.

Little Guy caught the first fish, a bluegill, and then two more. He also caught a tree and Mrs. B. He only caught the edge of the cuff of her jacket, but there was a worm on the hook. Yuck. I’m sure she got that in the washer as soon as she got home.

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