Monday Morning Musings

I’ve noticed that they’ve changed the Move Free Advanced commercial. The woman used to say something like, “I feel so good, I think I’ll adopt a puppy!” To Hubby and me, that felt like, “I feel so good, I think I’ll get an ice cream!” Adopting a puppy really isn’t a spur of the moment thing to do. Now she says, “I feel so good, now I can finally get that puppy I’ve always planned for.” They must have gotten complaints about the way it was worded at first. I’m glad they’ve changed it.

I’ve been thinking about the ice cream trucks recently. They make their rounds and sell their ice cream, but they really can’t be making that much with the price of gas the way it is currently. I haven’t seen the prices go up… On the other hand, there was a new one the other day playing La Cucuracha. I’m sorry. I won’t buy ice cream from a truck that plays the cockroach song…

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