Daily Archives: March 14, 2008

Some Spitzer Thoughts

I was watching the news the other day and there was a sound bite from some woman who said that the only reason a man strays is because a man has needs, and those needs are not being met at home.

She also said something about it being the wife’s job to find out what needs she wasn’t meeting in order to then meet those needs and keep him from straying.

What a load of BS. 

Wedding vows for the husband don’t generally say something like, “I’ll cleave unto you unless you don’t meet my needs, in which case I’ll go find someone else even if I have to pay for it. All the while exposing you to unknown sexually transmitted diseases and spending our community property in order to satisfy my own selfish ‘needs’.”

Mayhap, if the husband is finding that his “needs” aren’t being met, he might ask the wife how she’s doing, what is going on in her life. Is she overwhelmed? Is she working a full time job, cleaning the house, caring for the children, and cooking dinner every night when she gets home after her hour commute? Could she maybe be feeling a little under appreciated?

Ladies: If your husband strays it is not your fault.

Men: If you feel your “needs” aren’t being met, find out what’s going on with your wife. You may find that a little attention, appreciation, perhaps a small gift, some flowers, a love letter left where she can find it may do wonders. And it can save a lot of money and worry over possible health issues.