Seasons Change

Winter, the dormant season, dies and rebirth comes with spring. We watch for the temperatures to rise, the snow cover to melt, and the green of new growth to show peeping from the earth or budding on the trees and bushes.

We may also start to think about life changes. We grow up, get married, have children. We start to think about our own mortality. As we accumulate more and contribute more to our families, we have a need for life insurance, to compensate – if only somewhat and only financially – for our loss.

Some of us have life insurance through our employers,  our employer insures our lives for a multiple of our salary. We may have the option of purchasing more insurance through our employer as well. But generally that doesn’t cover a non-working spouse, and that insurance doesn’t follow you if no longer work for that employer.

So while employer paid life insurance is a great benefit, it isn’t offered to everyone and, of course, those that aren’t employed don’t have employers to pay it. That’s where cheap term life insurance can come in. It’s an inexpensive way to cover a non-working spouse, or a working spouse whose employer doesn’t offer paid life insurance. It’s also a way to supplement an employer paid insurance policy. Peace of mind is priceless.

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