Computer Problem Update

The drive isn’t spinning up so data recovery will not be as easy as we hoped. Hubby is an IT professional and has a device that could allow us to read the data, if the platters would spin up. It tries and the drive whines, but the spinning just isn’t happening.

It looks as though we will have to use a third party service to try and recover the data, but it costs a lot of money to do it. We’re looking at $500-$,2700 with a probability of $1,600-$2,430 to do it.

It’s hard decision time. That kind of money could buy a much better laptop than the one I currently have (it’s nearly 4 years old), faster processor, more hard drive space, more RAM, DVD burner, etc could be had.

But what is the data worth? That’s the question. Is my data worth that much money? Could I try to recreate a lot of it? Do I really need all those saved emails?

I have certainly learned my lesson here. I will back up data on a regular basis. One of these would be a way to store backup data away from the laptop for a relatively small price.

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