Daily Archives: April 3, 2007

Transformers Movie

Release date: 7.4.7

This is a Michael Bay / Steven Spielberg live action project starring Shia LeBeouf of Holes and Even Stevens, Megan Fox of Hope and Faith, Josh Duhamel of Las Vegas and Crossing Jordan, also starring Rachael Taylor, Jon Voigt, Tyrese Gibson, Anthony Anderson, and John Turturro.

The trailer *and teaser * look marvelous! I was watching The Riches last night and saw the commercial for the first time. As the mother of two sons, Transformers are a part of life.

* links are to Quicktime – for other options, Yahoo! Movie page for Transformers.

The teaser tells us that Mars Rover Beagle 2 did not crash after all, the last transmission showed a large, mechanical man bending over and then the transmission ended abruptly.

The trailer lets us know that there are both good and evil transformers, some have come to help us, some have come to destroy us…

The CGI is beautiful. This will almost certainly be a “buy” for us on DVD when it comes out.

Lyrics from the animated TV show:

More than meets the eye
Robots in Disguise
Autobots wage their Battle
To destroy the evil forces
Of the Decepticons