A Two Party System Needs……….Two Parties

We’re a month and change away from the mid-term elections. As far as I can tell the Dems (with a few exceptions) are OPPOSED TO:

Coercive interrogation techniques against captured terrorists,
Staying the course in Iraq,
Bush, and

The Dems are IN FAVOUR OF:
………………………………well, not Bush.

Right now the Dems are a reactionary, ideological political movement. They are not, by any reasonable measure, a political party with a positive message (platform) detailing how they would direct the management of the country.

The Dems are gambling that this mid-term will be about what people don’t want, rather than what people want. They are wrong, and as a result, will not make any material gains in either the House or Senate.

It’s a shame too. A healthy functioning democracy requires a legitimate government in waiting.

It’s time for the Dems to get in the game, rather than shouting insults from the sidelines. The country needs a legitimate healthy democratic debate.

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