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Airport Security – A Personal Story

This anecdote pre-dates the current security rules, but only by a few weeks.

I wear a leg brace so I always get “special” treatment at security. I always make the metal detector go off and always have to go to the little holding pen for further scrutiny. I am used to this and I am not complaining. There is a reason to single me out.

In San Francisco a few weeks ago I was asked to stand to the side for a minute while they waited for a female TSA employee to do my pat down. I was standing in a corner area by the x-ray machine for the next line. There were 4 foot “office cube” type walls in place to keep the lines separate. The gentleman working that x-ray machine could see me standing there, but couldn’t see my leg brace because of the wall.

This is where we get to the funny part.

“You armed?”, he asked.

I told him no, I wasn’t armed. I was “legged”, leg brace.

The point here being that I do not look like someone who would require extra scrutiny. Without the leg brace, I probably would not get any extra scrutiny.

At San Francisco, I was swabbed, patted down, my feet were checked, and I was even put in the puffer machine. It’s been 112 days since I quit smoking so there wasn’t even any sulfur or butane or lighter flint on me anywhere.

Going through security is really a minor inconvenience especially as compared to the major inconvenience of dying. The terrorists mostly match a certain general description, you need to start giving those people the extra scrutiny and stop giving 70-year-old grandmothers the same scrutiny.

When your suspect is a 6 foot tall, 300 pound, 50-year-old red haired male with a beard you really don’t need to be looking at 5 foot tall blonde females of any age. You don’t need to be looking at grandmothers of African descent, or grandsons of African descent for that matter.

Your World, yesterday

**Stuart Varney from the linked video:

I think that the British have to get used to the economic negative impact of having a large, hostile, and murderous minority living in their midst.

Ben Stein: Bravo.

Varney: A recent poll of British Muslims found 7 percent found sucide bombing acceptable, 20 percent found it acceptable if it was directed against the British military, and 37 percent found it acceptable if it was directed against British Jews.[emphasis Stuart’s] That means…

Ben Stein: Oh my God!

Varney: a half million people in Britain have a near Nazi mentality, and there’s an economic price for that situation.

Watch the video.

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**Fixed spelling of Stuart Varney’s name.

The Anchoress Says it All

just grow up.

There is a time to be a child, to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child. Then there is a time to put childish things away. If you want to disagree with policies meant to keep you safe, do it. If you want to hate a man or even a movement, do it…but do it with something that goes beyond adolescent spouting off, backed up by nothing more than “feelings,” “caring,” and hysterical, dramatic angst. Sometimes I read the drivel some of you folks write me, and I want to take you by the shoulders and shake you and say, “grow up. Grow UP!

Green Helmet

Germany’s [tag]Zapp[/tag] TV Newsmagazine has a video of [tag]Green Helmet[/tag] and his manipulation at [tag]Qana[/tag]:

h/t: Hot Air

Newsbusters has a great roundup on Fauxtography

Scroll down on this page for more on Fauxtography including videos of Ace and Charles Johnson on Fox News the other day, an “Osgood File” that’s a must hear, and other commentary.


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More Deception

Jim at Gateway Pundit has some new pics from the Old Gray Lady showing a poor guy helping out the photographer, then suddenly, he’s dead in the wreckage!


So, all together now, how dead was he?

Link to the NYT story go down to numbers 14 and 15.

Not very.

Charles Johnson coined a new term which is just perfect: Fauxtography.

The Times issued this correction:

A picture caption with an audio slide show on July 27 about an Israeli attack on a building in Tyre, Lebanon, imprecisely described the situation in the picture. The man pictured, who had been seen in previous images appearing to assist with the rescue effort, was injured during that rescue effort, not during the initial attack, and was not killed.

The correct description was this one, which appeared with that picture in the printed edition of The Times: After an Israeli airstrike destroyed a building in Tyre, Lebanon, yesterday, one man helped another who had fallen and was hurt.

Ace on Fox

Here’s the video of Ace on Fox. He’s not very happy with it. He wanted to say all this, but sadly, they edited him greatly.

video .wmv

Dave Ross with the Osgood File

The 8:25 am version of the Osgood File this morning with Dave Ross was somewhat surprising.

You can listen to it and read the transcript here.

He discusses the innocents who are being hurt and that they have some responsibility for what is happening.

Listen and read.

Related: Don Surber’s post “First they came for the Jews

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