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Your World, yesterday

**Stuart Varney from the linked video:

I think that the British have to get used to the economic negative impact of having a large, hostile, and murderous minority living in their midst.

Ben Stein: Bravo.

Varney: A recent poll of British Muslims found 7 percent found sucide bombing acceptable, 20 percent found it acceptable if it was directed against the British military, and 37 percent found it acceptable if it was directed against British Jews.[emphasis Stuart’s] That means…

Ben Stein: Oh my God!

Varney: a half million people in Britain have a near Nazi mentality, and there’s an economic price for that situation.

Watch the video.

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**Fixed spelling of Stuart Varney’s name.

The Anchoress Says it All

just grow up.

There is a time to be a child, to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child. Then there is a time to put childish things away. If you want to disagree with policies meant to keep you safe, do it. If you want to hate a man or even a movement, do it…but do it with something that goes beyond adolescent spouting off, backed up by nothing more than “feelings,” “caring,” and hysterical, dramatic angst. Sometimes I read the drivel some of you folks write me, and I want to take you by the shoulders and shake you and say, “grow up. Grow UP!