We got back from the trip on Tuesday, completely exhausted. Our flight had been cancelled and we had to get another one, on which the passengers were packed like sardines. We did get to see Ice Age 2: The Meltdown on the flight.

My left ear failed to clear after the descent into San Francisco when we arrived on the 12th and my left tonsil has been killing me ever since. Yesterday was the first time I was able to look down my throat with a flashlight and lo and behold my left tonsil is covered with large white spots! I went to the doctor who did a throat swab. The swab was negative for strep, but they will send it to the lab to be cultured anyway just to make sure. If it is strep, they’ll call me and let me know to pick up some antibiotics. Otherwise it’s just pharyngitis which is doctor speak for “sore throat”. He gave me some vicodin for night time to help with the pain so I can sleep. Fun, fun, fun.

Otherwise we did have a lot of fun on the trip. I am posting a few photos below and they are in thumbnail version so downloading the page won’t be a bother for those on dial up. Just click a photo caption to see a larger version.

Radio Equalizer readers here for the “anti-Bush weirdness” that Brian refers to: please see the post below this one or click here.

Really Big Redwood on the Avenue of the Giants:
big tree
Carson Mansion in Eureka, the most photographed building in California:
Carson Mansion
Drive Thru Tree, I’ve left a person in for perspective. We had a rental convertible PT Cruiser and felt like we only just squeezed through. We would not have been able to get through with our Yukon XL. No way, no how:
Drive Thru Tree
The ocean off of Humboldt Bay:
A little weirdness in Willits (talk about stuck in the sixties):
Small weirdness in Willits

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