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Let's Say Thanks, this is a website by Xerox where you can choose from many postcard designs (by children)
personalize the card and it will be printed and sent to a soldier, sailor, airman or marine serving overseas (anywhere overseas, not just war zones).

This is really cool.

The Jawa Report is Back!

Yeah! See the “first post” here.


Rusty has written a post here too.

After nearly two weeks of fighting a cyberterrorist attack launched by
Turkish Islamists, and then wrestling with a new server, The Jawa
Report is back!

We promise to continue the reporting the news the only way we know
how–with mediocre analysis & plenty of offense. If that’s just a
little bit more than Islam can allow, then to quote Kos, screw them.

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Our Loss in Security is Collateral Damage….in the War Against Bush

So the NYT has taken on the role of deciders-in-chief, regarding what is truly in America’s national interest. And their decision: it is more important that Americans know the details of an anti-terrorism program (one that breaks no laws whatsoever) than it is to keep the details from the terrorists, who will surely exploit their newfound intelligence.

Of course, as we’ve seen time and time again, the “right to know” is premised on the right to know what the Times wants you to know about, and what they want you to know about is how much of a failure the Bush administration has been.

So while the NYT’s stated justification for jeopardizing our security is America’s right to know, the underlying reason is their right to attack the Bush administration. As the Times appears to see it, sacrificing the security of every man, woman, and child in America is necessary collateral damage in their war against Bush. How ironic this is, given that the collateral damage caused by U.S. forces has become a regular focal point in the media’s anti-Bush coverage.

Retreat & Defeat Meter

Hang Right Politics is dedicating a page to remarks made by Democrats in defense of the Cut and Run, Cut and Jog, Cut and Powerwalk, and/or Cut and Stroll positions.

Please go take a look and leave any others in the comments. The page will be updated on a regular basis… RDmeter.gif Click on image to be taken there…

OK, It's Conspiracy Theory Time


The New York Times runs a front page story on bank data being used to help find terrorists. This is published in the print edition this morning and online last night.

Last night, the Attorney General announced indictments against 7 suspected terrorists in Miami who are thought to have been planning attacks on both the FBI’s Miami offices and the Sears Tower, America’s tallest building, in Chicago.

The conspiracy theory? They were sitting on the story, waiting for something that could be construed as favorable to the administration, so they could publish this as counter-point.

At the press conference today with Tony Snow (transcript will be and video are available here later), the questions were all about the banking leak, nothing about the Miami 7.

Someone Bob Sellers* on Fox News noted that the bank story was front page in the Gray Lady, but the Miami 7 story was buried somewhere in the 20s.
(*thanks to Kim Preistap @ Wizbang who also noted this)
Shows you where their priorities lay doesn’t it?

UPDATE! Kim Priestap has a good roundup on the banking story here.

Happy Birthday Justice Thomas

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.
– Clarence Thomas

He’s 58 years old today. Still young.

Stinky Polls

I was reading one of my daily reads, The Capitol Fax Blog (Illinois politics from Springfield) and Rich had mentioned this Sun Times article about a poll of “500 registered voters” who think it’s better to make Wal-Mart and other “big-box” retailers pay out the nose for unskilled labor even if it keeps badly needed jobs out of the area. One of the poll suggestions, that respondents heartily agreed with, was that employees should be guaranteed $10 an hour plus $3 an hour in benefits for 5 hours a week.

I emailed the story to DJ Drummond, telling him that this poll seemed so “rotten you can smell it from Denmark”. He agreed with me and fisks it marvelously here at Stolen Thunder and here at Wizbang! Politics. Go read it.

Rich, thanks for bringing this up. Go read the comments at Captiol Fax Blog on this issue – there are so many Wal-Mart haters out there…

Prayers for Bernard

Bernard’s mother is in bad health and is in need of prayers to help her in her journey to be at our Lord’s side.

Read his story here.

Bernard, your mother and your family will be in our prayers.

My Dad

and his youngest grandchild when that child was quite young. We all miss you Daddy.

Proud Grandpa.jpg

Yesterday was my birthday, but I was born on Father’s Day. First child too. That man became a father on Father’s Day.

Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s an anniversary of my 21st birthday, but I’m not telling which anniversary it is!

Happy Birthday also to: Joe Piscipo, Newt Gingrich, Venus Williams, Barry Manilow, and even Jack Murtha…

Dean Martin was born on June 17th, as was Igor Stravinsky.

Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her “official” birthday today. The Queen’s real birthday is April 21st and she just had her 80th. It is traditional in England to celebrate the monarch’s birthday in June because the weather tends to be better.

MC Escher was also born on June 17.


More of his artwork can be found here.

Other Birthdays on June 17th can be found here.