OK, It's Conspiracy Theory Time


The New York Times runs a front page story on bank data being used to help find terrorists. This is published in the print edition this morning and online last night.

Last night, the Attorney General announced indictments against 7 suspected terrorists in Miami who are thought to have been planning attacks on both the FBI’s Miami offices and the Sears Tower, America’s tallest building, in Chicago.

The conspiracy theory? They were sitting on the story, waiting for something that could be construed as favorable to the administration, so they could publish this as counter-point.

At the press conference today with Tony Snow (transcript will be and video are available here later), the questions were all about the banking leak, nothing about the Miami 7.

Someone Bob Sellers* on Fox News noted that the bank story was front page in the Gray Lady, but the Miami 7 story was buried somewhere in the 20s.
(*thanks to Kim Preistap @ Wizbang who also noted this)
Shows you where their priorities lay doesn’t it?

UPDATE! Kim Priestap has a good roundup on the banking story here.

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