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RFK, Jr on Your World 6/6

Yesterday [tag]Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.[/tag] was on Neil Cavuto’s show on FNC. Here follows the transcript of that exchange.

Fox News has video available here.

Ian also has video at Expose the Left.

Cavuto: Well to hear Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tell it, John Kerry should be President of the United States right now but he was robbed in 2004. Robbed nationally and apparently really robbed in the State of [tag]Ohio[/tag], that state that delivered the electoral votes President Bush needed to make him a a second term occupant of the White House. But do Kennedy’s charges hold up, or is RFK, Jr. just worked up about an outcome he did not like? Let’s ask him. Robert, good to have you.

RFK, Jr.: Thanks for having me Neil.

Cavuto: You’re a democrat.

RFK, Jr.: I’m a democrat, but I have worked 22 years – this should not be a democrat issue – it should not be a partisan issue. It’s clear that the, that republican officials in Ohio and other states, have mounted a deliberate, concerted effort to, to fix the 2004 election…

[You make a charge that the republicans have made a deliberate, concerted effort to fix the 2004 election and this is not a partisan issue? – Ed.]

Cavuto: But it’s not clear. Where do you say it’s clear?

RFK, Jr.: Well, you know, there were 22 lawsuits at that time, it was very, very clear that there were 350,000 mainly democratic voters who either refused the opportunity to vote in Ohio or whose votes were never counted. There were 80,000 voters in 12 western counties whose votes were shifted from [tag]Kerry[/tag] to [tag]Bush[/tag].
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