A New Low in Trolling

Jeff at Protein Wisdom (his site is down after an apparent DOS attack) was on the receiving end of some pretty grotesque trolling done by a Psych Professor at the U. of Arizona, which targeted Jeff’s infant child. Michelle Malkin has all the details.

Apparently she has resigned. Her quasi-apology is accompanied by this pathetic attempt to distance herself from her own actions:

Protein Wisdom has been down since this all started so it is not possible to see all the comments and everything that led up to this. People are posting snippets of what I posted that have been embellished with references to french kissing and other things I didn’t say.

When and if protein wisdom comes on line again, it will be hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted to the transcript.

Funny thing though, I was actually visitng the site when some of her comments were made (you’ll see a comment by Jeff1999 when the site comes back up). Sorry Dr. Frish, but I, and many other folks who visited the site, were there before the site went down and can attest to the vile comments you made, including your insinuations of Jeff tongue kissing his own child.

Update: link to the actual post here.

Jeff’s comment here:

“but I have no intention of snuffing the mofo’s chillen myself”

you know your in a bit of a legal bind when you have to issue a clarifying statment that you DON’T plan on killing someones child.

Thanks for clearing that up professor.
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on 07/07 at 12:13 AM

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9 Responses to A New Low in Trolling

  • Congratulations on the Michelle Malkin link! Great post! 🙂

  • I was witness to the offence as well. I can also confirm that the site was up for some time after she posted her outrageous comments so her infantile claim of being “framed” by changing her comments is easily disprovable. There are lots of cached views out there.

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  • Musing Minds,

    It’s just SO Admirable to see you have SO MUCH outrage about Deb Frisch’s comments about Jeff Goldstein’s toddler child. For someone to attack, use, and/or harm a child is as low as a person can stoop.

    But I’m wondering, is it the Dispicable attack by Deb Frisch on Mr. Goldstien’s child that upset’s you? or is it just a political agenda you can “Ride” with?

    Let’s REALLY find out how much outrage you have when it comes to someone(s) attacking, using, and/or harming children.

    During The OJ Simpson Case Criminal Trial, the Illegal and Corrrupt Detective Ronald Y. Ito was going to Illegally “USE” Rocky Bateman’s 2 daughters to his advantage to make Rocky Bateman “TALK,” and More. ANY OUTRAGE WITH THIS? LOT’S of people knew about it, and did nothing, Inluding certain people who are in The Federal Government.

    Or how about this:

    There is a Children’s Toy:

    MySpace Profile – Mario G., 55 years old, Male, RESEDA, CALIFORNIA, US, …
    Mario G.’s Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog] …
    http://www.myspace.com/mariognitrini111 – Cached

    That I have talked about.

    Gil Garcetti and others in the State of California Government, and certain people in The Federal Government, with Retail Companies, have covered-up a MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR Situation with this Company called “Mr. Bath Bear” (Pertkit, I spelled it wrong before)). Certain people and Government Organizations have Illegally retailiated against me because of this. This was a children’s toy. I worked for this company, “Mr Bath Bear,” in 1991 through some of 1992. Some of the sponges had “TOXIC POISON” in them and other harmful Chemical’s added, for reasons, to make the toy grow in water, and then shrink back to it’s normal size. The Toy was sold by me to companies like Nordstroms, Sears, Jacobson’s Department Store’s, The Mercantile Group, Longs Drugs, Fedco, Albertsons, and MANY MORE Retail outlet’s……….I can go on and on……….. I’ve got this Documented BIG-TIME (Invoices, Ect, LOT’S), and, The product was sold after a certain time period by certain retail outlet’s “WITHOUT,” and I repeat, “WITHOUT” Product Liability Insurance. Another words, The Product Liability Insurance ran out, and the product was sold by MANY Retail Outlet’s after the Product Liability Insurance ran out. When I found out, I told Many People, Certain Government Organizations, and Companies about this, but no one did anything about it for whatever Greedy, Illegal Reasons, and MORE. I am Talking $$$$$ BILLIONS and BILLIONS of $$$$$$$$ Dollars in Potential lawsuits, Very Possible Negligent Criminal Homicide, Criminal and Illegal Cover-up, and MORE. Certain people and Organizations have tried to have me WIPED OFF the Face of the earth just for this Situation alone. It’s a Very Complex Situation.

    ANYONE, AND I MEAN ANYONE, that has ever had his or her child, or children play, Chew on, or come in contact with this toy, they need to get them to a doctor, FAST. THIS IS SERIOUS.

    I am talking thousands of children that may have been infected, and now their offspring that could be harmed.

    Do you have ANY OUTRAGE about this situation? I WOULD CERTAINLY HOPE SO.


    is your political agenda just too important not to help children?


  • Funny how my outrage at comments relating to the harming of a child in this case leads you to assume that I don’t have concerns about children generally.

    What was that about political agendas?

  • Jeff1999,

    From what I’ve read what you’ve said
    here on your website, you have a Political

    So anyway,
    here is another Opportunity for you to be
    outraged (Appropriately so) like you
    were with Deb Frisch, about harming,
    using, and/or attacking a child with
    what I’ve said.

    What’da got to say?


    The OJ Simpson Case

  • I lurked, and I saw Frisch’s remarks as well. I honestly was more taken aback by the “give the tyke a kiss with lots of tongue” bit than the rest. Because that would never have even crossed my mind, ever.

    I thought you might like a sane comment.

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