Daily Archives: December 28, 2005

Escaped Prisoner's Attorney Asks for Bail

Reynaldo Rapalo’s attorney asked for bail for his client on the escape charge.

The judge rightly denied bail, stating that Rapalo was “a danger to this community“.

Rapalo was in jail awaiting trial in February on seven felony rape counts. This suggests to me that he was denied bail for those charges.

This is a man who was apparently denied bail on the initial charges, then he escapes, then he’s caught again. His attorney then asks for bail on the escape charge.

Why would bail ever be granted to someone on escape charges? Obviously, this person wants to be out of jail. Why reward him? Is this just some way to try to play the “get out of jail free card”?

It’s not just that this guy was a danger to the community. He is an illegal alien (he overstayed his visa), he has no ties to this country. He is a flight risk.

It’s absolutely absurd that anyone would even ask for bail under these circumstances. Good for the judge denying bail.

Energy Hogs

My five-year-old came up to me this morning and said, “Mom, if you waste a lot of energy, hogs will come into your house.”

He saw this Ad Council PSA.

The campaign was announced in March 2004 and was done by the Ad Council in conjuction with the Department of Energy. The ads are aimed at kids between 8 and 13, but they seem to work on five-year-olds too.

The ads direct you to www.energyhog.org where you can train to become an Energy Hog Buster.
We try here at home. We turn lights off in rooms we’re not in. We try to get the kids to turn off the TV when they leave a room. We keep our heat set at 66° during the day and 64° overnight.