Daily Archives: December 5, 2005

Emails Purportedly From The FBI and CIA

I’ve been getting emails purportedly from the FBI and CIA saying that I have visited illegal websites and should open the attachment to see what sites I have visited.

I have deleted these emails.

If you get them, delete them too.

Those agencies do not send you emails. The attachments will contain a virus.

"Holiday Tree" Too Inclusive

Via Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost in his Outtakes post of 11.30.05 we find this post by Gil Student, an Orthodox Rabbi at Hirhurim-Musings

He says that renaming a Christmas Tree a “Holiday Tree” is offensive to Jews because it implies that the Tree covers all holidays at this time of year, including Hanukkah.

Rabbi Student is correct.

It is a Christmas tree, not a Hanukkah tree, a Diwali tree, a Ramadan tree, or a New Year tree. By renaming it a “Holiday” tree it lumps together all religious and secular holidays that occur at this time every year.

Update: Oops! I forgot Kwanza! There is no Kwanza tree either. {sorry}

It’s time to Take Back Christmas! For Everyone!

The American Princess has further thoughts on this. Very good commentary.

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The Carnival of True Civil Liberties IX

We are happy to be hosting this week’s Ninth Carnival of True Civil Liberties!

das Heize at info4beer presents Locater Service for ACLU Lawyers and Can Somebody Help Us Understand dumbswede? about a comment left on the first post.

Team Swap at Swap Blog presents Oak Ridge Censorship

Daniel Levesque at Raving Conservative presents The Biggest ‘Tard in America

Jay at Stop The ACLU presents Another School Censoring Christmas

Greg Tinti at The Political Pit Bull presents A Principled Jurist

Gribbit at Gribb presents Saddam’s WMD’s They Did and Do Exist

Adam at Sophistpundit presents An Educated Jury

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