The DeLay Indictment

There’s lots of stuff over at Michelle Malkin about the DeLay indictment. I’m under the weather so I won’t be digging deep on this for a few days, but here’s my first thought: If I’m running the DA’s office and I’ve got a solid case against one of the most powerful Republicans in the country, I’d want the prosecutor handling the file to be about as politically clean as humanly possible. I’d also make sure every aspect of my case was solid, and I mean solid, starting with a clearly written, unequivocal and highly persuasive indictment. It seems that the opposite is the case here, on both counts.

Time will tell whether DeLay’s charges of abuse of office against the DA turn out to be true, but at this point the prima facie case against the DA appears stronger than the DA’s case against DeLay.
Also, check out Lorie at PoliPundit, she’s on a roll……again.

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