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This is for you Jeanette.

Ten years ago:
I moved back to Illinois from Vermont.
I sent my daughter (oldest) off on a bus by herself.
My son (middle) turned 1 and learned to walk.

Five years ago:
My second son was born the day before his sister’s tenth birthday.
My grandmother passed away a few weeks after her 94th birthday which was the day after my daughter’s birthday.
My daughter had surgery to have a vagus nerve implant implanted.

One year ago:
I transferred from the local community college to a four year university – doing it online. I should be done in another year.
I started this blog (anniversary date coming up next week)
I followed the “61st Minute” closely.
I followed the election closely.
I celebrated the results.

One day ago:
I went to the library to pick up book 2 of Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series Bearing an Hourglass (second time around).
The littlest one checked some books out with “my berry own liberry card!”
I spoke with the insurance company about a little accident we had in a parking lot last Thursday. The other car was uninsured and backed into me while I was backing out. No injuries, just a little damage to the bumper.

One hour ago:
The insurance guy came by to take pictures and give me an estimate for the bumper replacement.

Five favorite snacks:
Mounds bars
fresh fruit
cottage cheese with a tomato (diced), olive oil, and raspberry vinegar.

Five songs I know the words to:
The theme song from Gilligan’s Island
The theme song from Green Acres
We will Rock You by Queen
O Holy Night
Amazing Grace

What would I do with $5 million dollars:
Buy a bigger house, invest, give to charity and the church.

Five places I would escape to for a while:
Back to Ireland
Get to Scotland and see more of England
The Atlantis Resort
Try a cruise
Find a place for some “mommy” time.

Five things I would not wear
a thong (I’m with newton on that one)
those really low jeans, so low that your hip bones (or even more) show.
a tattoo
a piece of pierced jewelry that goes anywhere but on my ears
high heels

Five favorite TV programs
The Closer
Arrested Development
Battlestar Galactica
Blue Collar TV

Five Greatest Joys
my faith
my husband
my children
my friends
my two dogs and three cats

Five Favorite Toys
Darth Potato (I still have to get me one of them)
my computer
power tools
dvd burner
a Blackberry sounds like it’d be cool.

Five people you’ll tag
I don’t have five people to tag so I’ll tag Lady Jane at A Lady’s Ruminations – she’s always worth checking out.

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