Karl Rove – Evil Mastermind

LGF broke the story of Congressman Maurice Hinchey’s (D-NY) remarks in Ithaca, NY on the Future of Social Security.

Apparently, in Congressman Hinchey’s opinion, Karl Rove was behind the forged documents leading to Rathergate.

From the LGF transcript:

Congressman Hinchey: “And I said that. In the very beginning. I said ‘It’s my belief that those papers, and that setup, originated with Karl Rove and the White House.'”
Audience Member: “Don’t you think it’s irresponsible to make charges like that?”
Congressman Hinchey: “No, I don’t. I think it’s very important to make charges like that. I think it’s very important to combat this kind of activity in every way that you can. And I’m willing – and most people are not – to step forward in situations like this and take risks.”

Even when he doesn’t have any kind of proof.

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Update: Brit Hume just mentioned this story in his “Grapevine” segment on Special Report.

Update 2: more from GOP and the City: Conspiracy Theory: Rove Planted CBS Docs

Update 3: Welcome Confederate Yankee readers (please look around): “A Host of Political Dirty Tricks”

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