Conservative Bloggers Filling the Void – Liberal Bloggers Searching for Cracks

A comparison of the “scandals” being pursued by blogs from the left and blogs from the right reveals a lot about their respective roles vis-a- vis the mainstream media. If you read the lefty blogs, they are every bit as convinced about the Gannon issue being a big story, as conservative bloggers are about the Eason Jordan issue. However, by any objective measure the Gannon story is nowhere near as significant. On one hand you have the head of one of the most powerful news organizations on the planet making public statements that U.S. troops are murdering journalists, and on the other is an unknown blogger who was given a press pass.

Why the focus by the lefty bloggers on such ridiculously small issues? Simple, that’s all they have. Not because there aren’t news stories that tend to favor their liberal causes, but because those stories are already being reported by the MSM. It is precisely because the MSM has such a left leaning bias that conservative blogs gain their strength. They are filling a monstrous void left open by the MSM. If this story were reversed and, say an administration official, and not Eason Jordan made the same statements, the lefty blogs wouldn’t be scrambling to get the story out. It would be plastered all over every paper in the country, and being covered by CNN et al on a constant 24 hour news cycle. That’s why liberal blogs are so extreme. There is no void for them to fill. Only small cracks.


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