Side by Side Analysis of Swift Boats-Rathergate

Lorie over at Polipundit has an excellent post on the massive differences between how the MSM covered Rathergate and the Swift Boat Veterans. Click here for More Thoughts on Rathergate.

In an earlier post (Nov 22) here I noted:

Newsweek’s Periscope on Unfit for Command
In Newsweek’s Persicope section, page 9 there is a short article by Susannah Meadows about the all the political books that used to be on the front tables at the bookstores. In this article she says: “Even the conservative imprint Regenery isn’t giving up yet on O’Neill’s book [Unfit for Command], the now largely discredited attack on Kerry’s military service. The publisher is planning to market its remaining copies as the book that brought the candidate down.” (emphasis mine). Is it largely discredited because the liberals say it is? I still haven’t seen any proof of its being discredited. Haven’t seen Kerry’s records (still hasn’t signed the Form 180) proving that what John O’Neill says isn’t true.

The MSM has always just dismissed the Swift Boat Veterans out of hand, yet even after 5 years of “investigation” Mary Mapes could never come up with anything valid about her accusations about President Bush. Yesterday on Fox News they had a regular DNC hack, Jenny. She keeps drinking that kool-aid. She repeated the line that Bush has never come out and said he wasn’t awol and he’s never said he didn’t get special treatment and the questions raised about his service are still valid… She never mentions that Kerry never signed the 180, that he hasn’t answered any of the questions that still hang over his head…

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