Daily Archives: January 5, 2005

La Shawn asks: Social Security Reform As Reparations?

From La Shawn’s Blog: Social Security Reform as Reparations?

“Would liberals support Social Security reform if they thought of it as reparations for blacks?”

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, asks a question I’d never thought of asking white liberals. Yet it seems so obvious. Liberals support “reparations” and any other idiotic idea complaining blacks come up with. I’ve always argued that blacks are receiving reparations: welfare, entitlements and all manner of skin color preferences.

She concludes with:

I want the power to use my own initiative, motivation and creativity in choosing how, when and where to invest the money I earn. But we live in an era where the government knows what’s best for us, right?

Attention Washington: Keep the criminals out of my neighborhood and away from me and family, protect us from terrorists and illegal aliens bankrupting the system, and I’ll be just fine. Jack part of my salary for various state duties, if you must, but let me and my brain come up with our retirement plan.

Get off my back and out of my pocket.


Save The Portraits!

What is it with dicators and their portraits? Are they so narcissistic that they must see themselves everywhere?

Captain Ed points us to a story about civil defense orders signed by Kim Jong Il himself directing the movement of his many portraits and busts to secure areas in underground bunkers if the U.S. attacks.