Daily Archives: January 4, 2005

Watch out for Tsunami Aid Fraud

Michelle Malkin has a copy of a spam letter that looks as if it were copied from the infamous Niger letter.

My name is Marco Nula; I am a victim of the recent Earthquake followed by the Tsunami that wrecked our whole society of Banda Aceh Province in Indonesia resulting in painful death of my Parents.

My Late Father Mr. Alfredo Nula is from Paramaribo in Suriname (South America) and my Mother from Banda of Aceh Province in Indonesia, they got married in Suriname because Indonesia like Suriname was a colony of The Netherlands, but they moved to settle in Indonesia when my Sister and I were born and because Indonesia has better economy than Suriname, but my Sister and I was away in School in the Capital Jakarta when this sorrowful incidence happened to my late parents and all other Families affected by the Quake and the Tsunamis all around Sumatra and Aceh Province.

Read the rest.

Updated: From two previous posts: Captain Ed at Captain’s Quarters has designated January 12th World Relief Day (direct link to the Captain’s Campaign. As of 7:30 am CST on 1/13/05 it’s at $34,223.16! ) and Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping forwards a request from Chief Wiggles for Relief Kits that are easy to assemble and FedEx will pick up for free.