Daily Archives: October 28, 2004

Fox has the Assam The American Video – Updated

Just now on Special Report with Brit Hume, they showed part of the Assam the American Video that ABC is holding on to. Steve Centanni said that Fox News had obtained it independently. There is no link to the story yet, just this link to Special Report (scroll down).

Update: Link to Fox News. Link to video from there.(hat tip Polipundit)

Good Reading

Anything by Edward Rutherfurd. Sarum, London, Russka, The Forest, The Princes of Ireland – The Dublin Saga.

All these books take you on a grand journey through the history of a specific area. You see the area through the eyes of several families through the centuries.

Sorry, that’s a lot of “through”s. Edward Rutherfurd is an excellent writer who helps you “live the history”.

World Series or White House

When John Kerry was asked whether he’d choose a World Series win for the Boston Red Sox or a move to the White House, he chose the White House.

Now that the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series, does that mean he won’t get the White House?

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