Monthly Archives: October 2004

If you can read this

then you are much too close.

You cheated to find out who Madeline Albright was…

Happy Halloween

Our village holds trick or treating from 1 pm until 5 pm on the Sunday before Halloween, or on Halloween if it falls on Sunday, like today. Our little Mickey Mouse went the rounds for an hour with his father, had a piece of candy when he got home, watched a little TV and was out like a light. He’s almost four and really needed a nap. Not too many visitors today. Lots of ghouls, a tiny giraffe (15 months old), several Spidermen, various Disney Princesses and a Care Bear. I was glad to see that most the trick or treaters had at least one adult with them. Leftover candy, but all in all a nice Halloween.

"Jumping to Conclusions" On Beltway Boys

I was watching Beltway Boys earlier and Mort and Fred were discussing Kerry and Bush’s accusing each other of “jumping to conclusions”. The comment made in answer to this was (paraphrased):

Bush may have “jumped to conclusions” regarding WMD’s, but it was based on CIA and other intelligence reports and was conventional wisdom. Kerry jumped to conclusions based on a front page story in the NY Times.

Good Reading

Anything by Edward Rutherfurd. Sarum, London, Russka, The Forest, The Princes of Ireland – The Dublin Saga.

All these books take you on a grand journey through the history of a specific area. You see the area through the eyes of several families through the centuries.

Sorry, that’s a lot of “through”s. Edward Rutherfurd is an excellent writer who helps you “live the history”.

World Series or White House

When John Kerry was asked whether he’d choose a World Series win for the Boston Red Sox or a move to the White House, he chose the White House.

Now that the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series, does that mean he won’t get the White House?

We need a clear victory

The one thing we need on November 2nd is a clear victory. We need a victory that is more than the polls’ margin of error. A victory that is clearly more than the Dem’s “spoiler” vote. You do notice don’t you that according to the Dem’s a vote for Nader is a vote lost for them, not for the Republicans.

I should believe him?

Why does John Kerry think that I should believe him?

I can list the reasons I shouldn’t: The “magic hat”, Christmas in Cambodia, the signing of the 1st Gulf War agreement, meeting with the UN Security committee, the 16 point buck, the Boston Marathon, I could go on and on….

So why should I believe that he has a better plan? That he could do a better job in the White House?

Update: Forgot that Red Sox game.