Daily Archives: September 28, 2004

The Draft Scare – updated

Boy, was I glad that I had already read Betsy’s post on the draft scare when my step-daughter IM’d me on Tuesday night.

Mom – there’s gonna be a draft and I know you and Dad are vets, but I will refuse!

She just turned 17 on September 11th. We’ve spoken to her about joining the service as a way to pay for college, to see the world. She’s said she’s a conscientious objector and won’t ever fight. Ok, that’s her choice. We won’t make her join the service.

I told her that there will be no draft. I told her that the legislation was introduced by Democrats just so they could use this as a scare tactic. I told her that they introduced the legislation knowing that there was no possible way it would pass either house.

Mom – I won’t go! I’ll move out of the country! I won’t fight! They
can’t make me!

I told her to go to snopes.com to look it up. I told her again and again, in all caps, that there is no draft.

I used the excuse of getting my four year old son to bed to sign off Messenger.

She just wouldn’t listen.

Now I hear that MTV is promulgating this rumor. Just One Minute has the story there.

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty at National Review Online’s Kerry Spot has more.

UPDATE 2: Betsy has another update here.

John Walker Lindh

John Walker Lindh has asked President Bush for a commutation of his 20 year sentence for “helping the Taliban”. Bloomberg has the story. He’s asking because Hamdi was let go after being held without charges. Mr. Lindh seems to forget that he’s being held because he pled guilty in a court of law and was duly sentenced.


I started reading blogs just before Rathergate hit the fan. I’ve been a big fan ever since. Since I am starting school again, hopefully I will end up with a degree this time, I have decided to try blogging myself. If nobody reads this, well then it’s just an online journal. If someone does read it, hopefully I’ll have something that interests you or gives you something to think about. I can also hone my writing skills while I’m at it.

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