Sumi Round-up

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Dane County Judge Strikes Down Collective Bargaining Law

Ann Althouse: Judge Sumi strikes down the Wisconsin collective bargaining law.

Professor Jacobson: Judge Sumi Throws Out Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law

The Ruling (.pdf) Dane Co. Exec. Parisi: Statement on Judge Sumi Ruling nullifying collective bargaining changes

Adler at Volokh: Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Bill Struck Down

Big Government: Liberal Judge Nixes Wisconsin’s New Labor Law

More from – SEIU Wisconsin: Palmer on Judge Sumi’s Ruling

Court Concurs with Public’s View That Walker Was Too Autocratic, Illegally Denied Wisconsinites a Voice in Debate over Workers’ Rights

After months of occupying the state Capitol Wisconsinites were denied “a voice in Debate over Workers’ Rights?” Really?

Actually seems more like Court concurs with Unions’ View…

Hot Air: Breaking: Judge Sumi strikes down Walker PEU reform law

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