Groundhog Day and Election Day

Two for the price of one:

Our weather forecast for today calls for cloudy and snow. So I guess that means no shadow for the groundhog to be scared by and we’ll have spring right on schedule, just like every year, no matter if it’s sunny or not. There’s always about six weeks between February 2nd and the first day of Spring. Every year.

It’s also primary day here in Illinois. First in the Nation! Only in an off year. Here’s a pdf file that lists all the primaries this year (Iowa is in June and New Hampshire not until September!)

I am so sick of campaign commercials and robo calls on the phone. I hope that the winners will take a break, otherwise we’ve got a solid 9 months of campaigning for the November election.

After Scott Brown won in Massachusetts, people were rethinking whether or not to run for re-election or were thinking about throwing a hat into the ring. Here in Illinois, that wasn’t an option. Petitions were in and ballots were ready long before the election in Massachusetts. In fact, early voting for this primary started before the Mass election.

I don’t know if its better to have a shorter primary season or a shorter general election season. At least this way we won’t be assailed with commercials for so many candidates for such a long period, just for the few that win tomorrow.

But then again, perhaps those whose primaries are later in the year won’t have the commercials bombarding them until much closer to the primary.

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