New Mattress Topper

Over the weekend, my feather bed got ruined (sick child). So I went online on Sunday to try to find something to replace it for my sleeping comfort.

I found this one at and promptly ordered it. I was expecting that it would be shipped sometime this week and that I would receive it next week or the week after especially with $2.95 shipping. The website said it would be shipped in 3-5 days and then shipping would take 5-10 days. I didn’t even know that the package had shipped!

On Tuesday, the UPS man came to my door. I asked where the box was from as he was walking away. I looked and it was from!

What a pleasant surprise! Considering that I had ordered on Sunday, my new mattress topper arrived next day. All for $2.95 shipping.

***FTC disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation or consideration from except for the pleasant surprise that my order arrived so quickly! Thank you ***

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