Friday Link Fest

Ace brings us audio of Martha Coakley suggesting that Catholics perhaps shouldn’t be working in emergency rooms. The question was should health care personnel have the right to be “conscientious objectors” to procedures that conflict with their religious beliefs. Coakely also said that¬† people can’t decide not to provide services required “under the law and under Roe v Wade”… Note to Martha: Roe v Wade does not require that abortions be provided. It just says it’s legal to provide one.

Via Althouse a list of 40 quotes exemplifying ‘liberalism’ at Right Wing News that she feels “illustrate a theme among today’s liberals that can and should be abandoned.”

Also at Althouse: Dems are trying to equate Coakley with Creigh Deeds. Her loss (if she loses) won’t be a reflection of Barack Obama or the Democrat Party policies and strategies.

The Anchoress has updated her Haiti post yet again. Lots there. Go read.

Charles Krauthammer’s column today.

As Walter Olson puts it: “Actual Funny Lawyer TV Ad”

This morning Patterico informs us Poll: Brown Up by 15 Points

No need to rub your eyes; you read that right.

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