Do These People Have Any Clue?

Via Tom Maguire we find that the NYT thinks that Accepting Peace Prize Will Be a Test for Obama.

We also find out that David Axelrod has no freakin’ clue.

“There is one very pregnant question,” said David Axelrod, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama. “How do you reconcile your role as a commander in chief with your aspirations to promote a more peaceful world at a time of war? That’s a question that he’s going to explore in some detail.”

Axelrod seems to think that commander in chief = warmonger. Of course, we know that’s what they felt about GWB in the role of commander in chief, but it’s not so.

Axelrod also seems to think that there is some kind of essential disconnect between commanding the U.S. Armed Forces and wanting peace.

A strong military is a deterrent to those who would war with us. The presence of a strong military does more to promote peace than to promote war.

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