Monday Morning Musings

It can be difficult getting outside work done when it rains on and off all weekend.

Ann Althouse has a great post on those Obama supporters who are symbolically changing their middle names to Hussein. She has two questions to ask. Go read the post to find out what they are.

Movies watched this past week include 10,000 B.C. one must suspend one’s disbelief and the cgi mammoths and sabertooth tigers are good. One can almost smell the bad breath of the tiger; Definitely Maybe, quite cute but the story as told to the 11-year-old is a little racy; Juno, was very cute with a girl who even though she got pregnant was quite responsible with what to do about it; and Charlie Bartlett about a rich kid who finally gets to be a kid. Anton Yelchin – at least in this film – reminds me very much of a younger Willie Aames, such as when he was Buddy Lembeck in Charles in Charge… We also watched First Sunday with Ice Cube and Tracey Morgan, a couple of bumbling thieves – bumbling mostly because that’s really not what they want to be.

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