Monday Morning Musings

I’ve been achy and sick and have a lot of homework today so here are some links:

Althouse got a little more ice and snow than we did about 2 hours drive southeast… Pretty pictures.

Overlawyered, as always, brings us interesting legal stories such as the William Lerach saga (start here and more from here), traffic cams, and litigation lottery awards such as Ford being responsible to the tune of $6.5 million for the injuries caused to a driver who was thrown from his truck after the tread peeled off his tires. The passengers were wearing seatbelts and sustained minor (if any) injuries. The driver wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

VK has a new Caption Contest!

And one of these will keep the Siberian from getting into the back of the house to pee on a bed (which he has been known to do if he gets mad) but will still allow the cats and the Shih Tzu access…

This one is lazy and doesn’t like to jump the gate to the back of the house so she sits there and cries until someone opens the gate for her.


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